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make me choose 
↳ anonymous asked: evgeni malkin or sidney crosby?

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I’ve lost count of how many times Nathan was about to punch Levi and then Maxie or someone else walks in and interrupts.

We should make this a drinking game!

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Puck Personality: Sidney Crosby

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This post inspired by Lazyandg's Sh*t Evgeni Malkin Does

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"I don’t even know what I’m doing, I’m just having fun with breaking fans’ hearts and pissing people off hahahaha"

- Jim Rutherford (via jnealsy)
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What’s the best prank you’ve ever seen?

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I have seen this comment like eight thousand times on twitter.

This is hilarious to me, and here’s why:

1) That’s not his date, it’s his sister.

2) I know for a fact you’re only saying that because you’re butthurt you’re not his date.

3) Pretty much the best way to guarantee you’ll never be ANY guy’s date is to be a bitch about his sister. Enjoy being alone. 

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Best part:

"Your country need to step up."

Oh yeah & Geno giving Sid crap for always being captain

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